• October 26, 2021

(VIDEO) Black Lives Matter Thug Robs Store, Takes Hostage and Achieves Room Temperature


Christopher Dew, a Black Lives Matter advocate robbed a check cashing establishment, taking a young girl hostage.  In the parking lot, Dew threatened to kill the hostage and tried to force her into his car.  Police opened up on him, killing him instantly much to the relief of the young girl who threw herself into her savior’s arms.  Just moments before, the unnamed hostage had believed that she was going to die.

WARNING!!!  This video is graphic and some people may find it offensive.  Not meant for anyone under 18:

The Daily Mail printed the following:

The moment a robbery suspect was shot and killed by Texas Police after holding a woman hostage, has been caught on cellphone video.
The incredible footage shows the hostage situation unfold in a parking lot as a minutes-long stand-off ends in gunfire.

An employee of nearby store Comfy Furniture records the tense scene from the shop, just a few meters away.

According to an officer at the scene, the suspect violently grabbed a female hostage – who worked at the nearby Cash Store – and yelled that he would ‘kill her’, reported CBS news.

Police explained how the hostage taker worked his way around the side of the building and tried to force the woman into his car.
What followed was brief stand off that ended in police shooting dead the suspect.

Police spokesperson James McLellan told CBS that the hostage was grateful they were able to intervene.

The dramatic scene was filmed by Yousef Hajj, who is the former owner of Comfy Furniture according to Facebook.
As shots are heard Hajj exclaims: ‘Ooh, ooh, he shot him! Ooh, damn. He shot that motherf***er. Holy s***!’
Wailing and cries of ‘Oh my god’ are heard from a female voice that appears to be located between the two parked cars where the man was just shot dead.

He saw.  He came.  He died.