• April 13, 2024

[VIDEO] Black Student Assaults and Throws White Teacher to Floor….

PATERSON, N.J. — A high school student in New Jersey was arrested Friday after police said he attacked his teacher and slammed him to the floor in the classroom.

NewJersey.com reported that the 16-year-old ninth-grader faces criminal charges after the incident was captured on cell phone video.

The footage shows the teenager slamming the 62-year-old teacher to the floor in front of other students. The teacher reportedly took the student’s cell phone away and he wanted it back.





The 23-second video shows the student with his arms wrapped around the teacher, knocking him into an empty desk. The student then wrestles the teacher across the front of the classroom before slamming him to the floor.

The teen then reaches down and takes something from the teacher before breaking away when someone in the classroom yelled, “Security!”

The student has been suspended from the school and charged with assaulting a teacher in a classroom.

District officials have not revealed the name of the teacher or student.

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