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[Video] Black Trump Supporters Call Hillary a Racist


Jack Posobiec  the Special Projects Director for Citizens for Trump ran into a protest against Hillary Clinton in Miami, Florida that he found interesting and he stopped and recorded it.  The group consisted of about forty blacks and whites and the theme of their protest is that Hillary is a racist.

From Western Journalism:

The 30-second video shows a group of about 40 African-Americans and whites standing together chanting, “Hillary is racist. Hillary is racist.”

One black woman was dressed in old-school black and white striped inmate’s clothes while she chanted, along with the others. She held a sign which read, “Stop the Pay for Play,” a reference to recent accusations the foundation was selling access to the former secretary of state to those donating to the Clinton Foundation.

Another black protester held a sign which read, “Hillary is the KKK.” And another wore a shirt which read, “Republicans Are Not Racist.”

Others wore shirts which read, “Hillary For Prison,” and “Handcuffs For Hillary,” references to Clinton’s mishandling of classified information .

A T-shirt with Bill Clinton’s face was lifted in the air with the word “Racist ” written below.


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