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[VIDEO] Bully Attacks Victim, Quickly Learns Why You Should NEVER Underestimate Anyone

Nothing is as heartwarming as a video of a bully getting the punishment they deserve. Recently, this footage from the Netherlands has done just that and the clip quickly went viral all over the internet. You’ll see a group of boys walking down the street, while the leader of the pack decides to antagonize his would-be victim.


All of a sudden, the bully pushes his victim, but fails to illicit the response he wanted. Because he wanted to make the other boy feel weak and small, he goes in for another attack. This time he swipes a kick at the other’s leg. But the victim isn’t about to let the punk bully him this time and he snaps.

Check out how he floors the bully with a single left hook in the clip below…

After getting pushed and then kicked, the would-be victim has had enough. He turns to his tormentor and swings a half-hearted punch as the punk’s face.

It doesn’t work. The other boys laugh at the would-be victim’s failed attempt at revenge. This spurs him on even more. The bully drops his guard and the victim delivers a left hook that connects with the bully’s jaw and knocks him out cold – while administering a disgusting popping sound.

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