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[Video] Can You Spot What is Wrong With the Jeans Woman is Wearing



A woman was seen walking around the streets of Kensington in England wearing her skin tight jeans.  Some people appeared to spot a problem with her jeans.  Can you?

Despite passing people wearing only body paint on her bottom half, it appears only 12 people noticed

Body paint artist Sarah Attwell (left) spent two hours painting fake jeans on model Kelly Klein (right) for the MailOnline experiment

So, were you able to spot the problem?  No?  Well, the problem is she isn’t wearing jeans.  It’s body paint that took to hours to do.  She was basically walking along naked from the waist down.

An artist painstakingly recreated every crease that would be seen in real denim jeans on a model for a MailOnline experiment 

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