• May 24, 2024

[VIDEO] Carjacker Faked Having A Gun, Woman Pulled The Real Thing On Him

This criminal’s “fake it until you make it” attempt backfired, big time!

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee


A Frayser woman thwarted a carjacking when police said she pulled her pistol on the suspect.

Police said the woman was gathering belongings in her car when the suspect came up to her. It’s likely that he didn’t know she was packing a pistol.

The attempted carjacking happened in the middle of the morning along Millington Road in Frayser.

Police said the suspect, with one hand in his pocket simulating a weapon, aggressively ordered the woman to get out of her car. That’s when she pulled a gun out and he ran away.

“You know, they want to take [guns] from people now but, in reality, you need something to defend yourself. It’s bad out here,” neighbor Eric Schermerhorn said.

Some neighbors said she did the right thing, even though they don’t carry guns for themselves.

“Stay home, watch my kids, take care of things. If something comes to my home, I’ll take care of it, but other than that, I don’t carry no weapon,” Schermerhorn said.

Police usually suggest cooperating with any suspect in order to avoid getting hurt.

That risk was one this woman was willing to take.

If you don’t see the weapon with your own eyes, do you take the chance like she did?

Source: WMC

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