• June 13, 2024

Michael Reagan Says: What Is Not Wrong With Hillary Clinton?



Ronald’s son, Michael Reagan, was asked about what he thought about Trump’s opponent in the upcoming November election. Michael also said he is tired of people comparing Trump to his father. He responded the way a Reagan would respond:

From The Daily Caller:

“What’s not wrong with Hillary Clinton?” Reagan asked the Hollywood Reporter. “No one can put their finger on anything she actually accomplished. All right, she got elected senator twice, but what did she do for the state of New York?”

“This whole thing has been a process to reach the presidency. The foreign policy under her as secretary of state has been abysmal. She is a train wreck when it comes to international policy and keeping America safe.”

Reagan confirmed that he is voting for Donald Trump this November, but stopped short of endorsing him. “I’m voting for him over Hillary Clinton,” Reagan said. “But I would like to see the Libertarians be allowed into the debate. Between the three major parties, the Libertarians are the only adults in the room. I’m supporting him with reservations.”


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