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[VIDEO] Charles Barkley: Trump Supporters Lives Suck And Are Losers

Maybe someone should tell these guys they should ‘shut-up’ and stick to calling the game. Basketball, that is.


ForTheWin: The crew at NBA on TNT interrupted their basketball discussion to talk some politics on Thursday night, and the normally candid Charles Barkley lived up to his reputation by going after Donald Trump, his supporters, and CNN, which is also owned by TNT’s parent company, Turner Broadcasting.

When asked about Trump, Barkley didn’t mince words.

“He started out by insulting Hispanics … now to lump all the Muslims together, that’s even more insulting. This is the United States of America, this is the greatest place in the world. Do we have issues? Of course we have issues. But to try to divide and conquer, which is what the Republicans always try to do, is just sad. …

“Then you have these losers who love that, because they’re afraid to look in the mirror and see why their life sucks. So they have to blame other people. Your life sucks because of you, not because of Hispanics.”

Barkley then said the one candidate he liked so far from the Republican side was Ohio Governor John Kasich, but Kasich wasn’t getting enough air time. He then went in on CNN, who he partially blamed for this.

“CNN has done an awful job this election. They have followed ratings and sound bites this entire cycle. And I love CNN because they’re a part of our company, but they’ve been kissing butts and chasing ratings. They’ve become like Fox News. …

“And it’s become sad that our company has sold its soul for ratings.”

Barkley ended with a talk on the relationship between African Americans and police in this nation. Not quite your standard fare for a basketball show, but an interesting one all the same.


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