• July 13, 2024

[VIDEO] What Is This Tot Smoking AND Who Gave It To Him?

Most of us dream of teaching our kids lots of things, but almost none of us think we will be teaching out toddlers how to smoke a joint. This happened in Chicago. FBI is investigating the incident.


The Smoking Gun: Chicago police are investigating a video posted to Facebook that appears to show a diaper-clad toddler smoking a marijuana joint as a man off-screen encourages the boy to “Inhale it.”

A community activist yesterday tipped cops to the clip, and Special Victims Unit detectives are now trying to identify who filmed the video, according to a Chicago Police Department spokesperson.

It is unknown when or where the video–which was posted to the Facebook page of a Chicago resident–was recorded.

Seen below, the 17-second clip found on Facebook shows the video playing on the screen of a cell phone, and it includes markings indicating that it may have previously been uploaded to some video sharing site.

In the clip, a man’s voice is heard directing the toddler to “Smoke, bro. Inhale it.” The man–who appears to be filming the boy with his cell phone–then says, “Let me hit that, okay?”

If investigators succeed in identifying the suspect, he will face assorted charges, including child endangerment.

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