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[VIDEO] Christian Burger Chain Threatens Lawsuit Over Dirty, Dirty Lady Playing With Their Meat

inout-300x202If you’re from the West Coast, chances are you’ve eaten an In-N-Out Burger, or at least have heard of them, and even if not, the chain is well-regarded by foodies and has been referenced in films like Fargo and The Big Lebowski.


What you may not have known is that the chain also wears the owners’ Christianity on its sleeves, literally. They print Bible verses on their food packages, including the burger wrappers.

They’re also not happy with model Abigail Ratchford, who has an extensive social media following, and who recently posted a video featuring some very upsetting product placement:

The chain is threatening legal action against Ratchford if she doesn’t take the video down:

In-N-Out Burger was not thrilled that their food was appearing in a video they deemed inappropriate.

In-N-Out’s lawyers have sent a letter to Ratchford’s producers at LiveRich Media, demanding that the video be taken down because it doesn’t reflect the company’s values. They are considering a lawsuit if the video is not removed.

Apparently, the chain has been flooded with complaints, probably from customers who have been grossly offended by this video dozens of times apiece.

The weird cross-pollination of sexploitation and fast food that has been pioneered by the likes of Carl’s Jr. is one thing, but this is entirely different. No means no, Abigail.

As for you, In-N-Out Burger, have you actually said the name of your chain out loud?


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