• October 4, 2023

[Video] Corrections Officer Saved By an Unlikely Source


Stillwater, Oklahoma Detention officer Matthew Hudson was working alone due to a shortage of correction officers, when a prisoner, Tashka Maret, 24, asked to go to the bathroom.  Hudson opened the booking cell and Maret attacked him.  Hudson called for back up, but none was forthcoming.  Maret body slammed Hudson onto the floor and the officer was in trouble when help finally arrived.  But, it wasn’t the help he was expecting.  Instead of correction officers, a prisoner awaiting release, Robert Hammock, had come to the officer’s aid and restrained Maret.

Security footage shows the moment a detention officer (pictured) got violently attacked by an inmate at a facility in Stillwater, Oklahoma

The video shows the inmate in his orange jumpsuit (pictured) punching the guard and grabbing him by the waist

As the situation looks dire for the officer, another inmate finally steps in and wrestles away the attacker, keeping him in a tight grip (pictured)



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