• January 24, 2022

VIDEO: FOX’S Juan Williams Plays The Race Card Regarding Supreme Appointments

Well, the race card is not lost on Fox New’s Juan Williams with regard to sticking up for Obama and his desire to pick a Supreme replacement for Scalia. Is anyone else getting tired of the race rhetoric?

Breitbart: Fox News Channel co-host and The Hill columnist Juan Williams said that he fears “race has something to do” with Republicans not moving on President Obama’s appointments during a discussion on on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five.”


Williams stated [relevant remarks begin around 4:55 ] that Republicans have failed to adequately move on judicial and diplomatic nominees due to their “scorn” of the president. He then wondered, “[W]hy do they treat this president so badly? I mean, it’s just outrageous.”

After fellow co-host Greg Gutfeld sarcastically remarked, “Clearly, it’s a race question.” Williams said, “I fear that race has something to do with it, Greg.”

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