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[VIDEO] Harvard Professor Predicts “Riots in the Streets” to Oppose Trump



“Those who can, do.  Those who can’t, teach.  Those who can’t do or teach, become Harvard professors.” ME

The latest example that proves the rule is  Sanford Levinson.  He is saying that if Trump is elected there will be a military coup to topple him.  What an idiot. responsible for the death of four in  That might happen if Hillary is elected, after all it was her that is the one responsible for the deaths of four in Benghazi.  Trump is supported by the majority of past and present military personnel.

In the following video, Levinson says that Trump cannot be elected president legitimately with 43% of the vote.  I guess he forgets that Bill Clinton never got 50% of the vote in either of his elections.  In 1992 Bill Clinton won with……ready for this?  43% of the vote.  He did get 49.2% in 1996.



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