• May 18, 2022

Voter Fraud is Alive and Living in Sin With the Democrats



It is not even election day yet but already the democrats are being arrested for the same voter fraud that they claim never happens.  Pay no attention to the DNC officials behind the voting curtain.  Stories have been pouring in from all over the country of voter fraud, which is almost exclusively democratic in nature.

Well it seems that the more Hillary’s lemmings deny the voter fraud the more the evidence against them keeps surmounting against them. What these two employees were just caught doing in the ballot center for a Mayoral race in the battleground state of Florida is absolutely terrifying.

The Miami Herald reports that 74-year-old Gladys Coego was only instructed to open finished ballots sent in from voters all over the county. Coego saw this as an opportunity to give her favored candidate,Raquel Regalado, a leg up, and she wasn’t afraid to break the law to do so.

Of course the Democrats would have you believe that this was some sort of isolated incident, but in fact in the very same state 33-year-old Tomika Curgil proved that this is happening all over. Curgil completed many ballots from other people to help advance her own agenda and she even “submitted at least 17 forms for people who apparently don’t exist — and several forms for people who are dead,” reports the Miami Herald.

There is also massive , and I mean massive voter fraud going on in Broward County Florida.  The democrats opened up tens of thousands of mail in ballots, which legally cannot be done legally until the polls close on election day.  Even worse is a poll worker caught four operatives filling out blank mail in ballots.

In Virginia, Clinton bagman,Terry McAuliffe unilaterally made 60,000 frlons eligible to vote in Virginia to try to guaranty Hillary wins in Virginia.

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