• June 24, 2024

[VIDEO] If You Carry A Gun, You MUST Secure It Properly, Or Else

Concealed carry will work against you if the bad guy can easily grab your gun…

Do you ever open carry? If you open carry your firearm, you must think about retention as part of your Active Self Protection. There’s a reason law enforcement uses retention holsters!

What does this video teach us about defending ourselves from having our firearm taken?

You must know how to fight to keep your firearm from being taken from you. If you carry a gun or keep one nearby, you must do what it takes to keep unauthorized people from accessing it and using it against you. If it is on your person, you must be trained and proficient in keeping the gun from being taken from its holster. (yes, that means a quality belt, a quality holster, and if you open carry, at least level 2 retention; the only one I recommend is the Safariland ALS: http://amzn.to/1SjOirW ) If it is not on your person, it must not be accessible to unauthorized people. There can be no workarounds for this rule! Your force on force and empty-handed skills training must include training on firearms retention.

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