• June 21, 2024

[Video] In Nevada, Hillary Bets on Voter Fraud


All forecasters have predicted a tough time for Hillary to win Nevada in November.  However, one thing they haven’t taken into account is Hillary cheating and voter fraud.  In that, Hillary has a clear advantage.  It started in 2015 during what turned out to be a totally illegal voter registration drive.

I documented this in a previous article:

The policy they have been following is do anything you can get away with.  If you get caught, just apologize.  They were advocating for the democrat party and specifically for Hillary which is illegal.  Only licensed persons are allowed to register people to vote.  On top of that they were handing out Hillary campaign literature.  All of these violations are felonies.  Hillary cannot be held personally accountable but all of her campaign workers can.

The most egregious offense comes from Nevada attorney Christina Gupana.  She is a lawyer for Hillary for America.  She directed campaign workers to break laws and gave them advice on how not to get caught.  As an attorney, she is forbidden to do either of these things and will probably face disbarment proceedings.

The video clearly shows Hillary’s campaign workers laughing about how they break Nevada’s laws and how they get away with it.  There was no effort to hide it.  

And just when it looked like Bernie Sanders could win the Nevada caucus, more shenanigans appeared.  It began with the establishment ruling that 64 Bernie delegates were ineligible and security were ordered not to admit them.  That gave Hillary a 31 delegate advantage over Bernie instead of the 33 delegate disadvantage she should have faced.

There are three tiers of voting in Nevada.  Tier one was won by Hillary.  (Later, you will learn how she won)  Bernie won tier 2.  Once Hillary had the advantage, a vote was called to invalidate tier 2 that Sanders won. That assured Hillary would win the Nevada State Convention , taking 20 delegates to the national convention vs the 15 granted to Bernie.


Now, let us see how Hillary won tier one.  Tier one is basically a caucus.  Voters must register before joining the caucus voters in a type of voter ID laws.  Many fewer people attend caucuses, so it’s much easier to bus people in from out of state to participate in the voting, because a much smaller number is needed to swing the vote from one candidate to another.  When you register, you must show ID to prove you are a Nevada resident.

In Nevada this year, those running the caucuses let people vote who didn’t register, making it possible to bring in ringers from nearby California, Arizona and Colorado.  Hillary won in a close vote.


Hillary isn’t done yet.  It appears her campaign could be running another illicit registration drive.  Nevada law states that anyone registering voters must be licensed, must allow opposition party registrations and forbids those registering voters from campaigning for a particular candidate.

Watch this video:


Notice she has Trump propaganda on her clipboard, which is illegal and later it is discovered she is driving an SUV with California plates.  When she is confronted with her illegal actions, she beat a hasty retreat.

Her campaign is also using voter intimidation tactis as well, with one thug union boss even admitting it.

From The Daily Headline:

Hillary Clinton called out her goons to take care of the Anti-Clinton protesters.  The thugs were from the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) and the union boss was everything Clinton loves.  He was rude and crude, racist, misogynistic and has a foot fetish.  He also made threats against Trump supporters in Las Vegas last week.  I don’t know why she needs them with the voter fraud infrastructure she has in Nevada


And if you think Clinton is planning to stop there, you haven’t been paying attention to her for the past 25 years.


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