• September 30, 2022

[Video] Liberal Bully Dan Savage Meets His Better in Ann Coulter

Beauty and the beast

Liberal bully and general POS Dan Savage found out that he cannot bully everyone as he is b*^#h slapped silly by Ann Coulter.  Friday night on the Bill Maher Show, Savage began disputing the claim that Trump made about the number of murderers and rapists entering the United States from Mexico.  Savage called that assertion a lie and that Americans are more likely to be killed or raped by another American.

From The Blaze:

When Savage called the assertion a “lie,” Coulter responded, “What do you mean it’s a lie? You’re claiming illegal aliens don’t commit murder and rapes?”

Savage then claimed Americans are more likely to be raped by other Americans than immigrants, which set in motion an increasingly tense exchange.

“First of all, it’s not true,” Coulter said.

When Savage interrupted her, she quickly shot back, “Still talking here.”

“These aren’t people we have to have here,” Coulter continued. “We already have our own rapists and murderers. We don’t need to be bringing in more rapists and murderers.”

That line caused actor Bryan Cranston to blurt out, “Wow!”

Watch the segment below via HBO:


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