• July 3, 2022

[VIDEO] Maria Bartiromo Shuts Down Lying Obamacare Architect


Maria Bartiromo totally destroyed Obamacare, Jonathon Gruber on her show after Gruber made the claim that Obamacare saved people money.  I guess you could make that case but only if you ignore the large deductibles, huge copays and enormous rate hikes.

Bartiromo stopped him dead with:

“It’s very hard to make the case that you’re making knowing what the reality is, and the reality is families cannot afford Obamacare. And the reality is premiums for families across the country have skyrocketed, and even if you’re in a plan with your company like you say so many people are, companies are not hiring more workers because they are being forced to provide health care.”

 “So the plan 100 percent is being looked at as way too expensive. That’s not press. That’s not speculation. This is what families and businesses are saying.”

Gruber then claimed that  premiums are dropping.  Bartiromo didn’t let that pass either:

“I’ll tell you what a fact is.  The fact is, economic growth is 2 percent or lower. And the fact is, one of the reasons that economic growth is as low as it is is because businesses are not hiring workers and are not doing activity because of the cost of Obamacare.”

Gruber then took his lying to a whole new level, claiming that the economy is stronger today than at any point in the last 8 years.

“We want to have people who are actually getting affected by the law, not someone in their ivory tower telling us what this should be, but in fact what people are seeing on the ground because they’re the ones that are being affected by the law. That’s why that’s fact; talking to CEOs and talking to the managers of businesses.”

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