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[Video] Nevada Democratic Convention Turns into Hillary/Bernie Rumble


The crowd got out of hand at the Nevada State Democratic Convention.  Bernie Sanders’ supporters were crying foul and said some of their delegates weren’t recognized in the voting and they demanded a recount.  At one point it got so bad, Las Vegas Metropolitan  Police descended down to the floor of the convention and made threats of arrest against the convention goers.  Bernie’s supporters referred to them as Brown shirts.

In a video made at the convention, a man was laying on the floor in the front and a woman can be heard calling for medics for the man.  No word on what kind of medical emergency the man was having.

A woman known only as Anie H recorded some of the action on her cell phone.   “They’re threatening us with arrest if we do not leave the convention site right now.” she said.

From The American Mirror:

The Las Vegas Sun reports there was “palpable tension” in the room.

“I think this was of course the fault of the party,” Sanders supporter Angie Morelli tells the paper. “We would’ve been able to do more democratic things, but the way they decided to do it messed us up.”

Sanders supporters were demanding a recount and were alleging a number of their delegates were not recognized at the convention.

And the media is saying the republican party is divided.

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