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Obama Is Going to HATE What This Black Minister Thanked Him For [VIDEO]

Barack Hussein Obama loves adulation and wants people to bend over and kiss his arse for creating such spectacular disasters as the stimulus bill and Obamacare.  But it’s a safe bet that he will not be happy that Mychal Massie, a black minister is thanking him for.


From Mychal Massie:

We’re clinging to our guns and Bibles. We’re clinging to them but we’re not clinging to them because we’re angry anymore. We’re clinging to them now because we’re thrilled and full of joy that we no longer must be concerned to the extent of the first amendment and the second amendment being taken away from us. So as this year closes we look forward to a president of these United States Trump. And we say “Yahoo!” Thank you Obama for making a mess of things that you have that brought people to their feet and to the polls in record numbers. So we can have a president we can actually be proud of.


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