• September 26, 2022

[VIDEO] THIS Is How Barack Obama Won, Not One, But TWO Elections!

Ok, I don’t know whether this is hilarious or very, very sad. And while you’ve seen this kind of thing before, it’s like a train wreck …. it’s just something of which you just can’t ignore. So here it is. Waters World interviews this county’s “best”, no, scratch that, brightest, …. no! Ok, here’s the country’s, … “whatever,” embarrassing themselves and our crack ‘educational’ system. After all, these are the very people who elected the train wreck-in-chief. Enjoy and SHARE!

THE POLITICAL INSIDER: Fox News’ Jesse Watters of The O’Reilly Factor visited Aspen, Colorado for the X Games, where he discovered that fans of “extreme winter sports” appear to be extremely ignorant.

If there was ever an argument against Common Core, and for school choice, it is this video of Jesse asking people the most basic history questions. They aren’t the type of questions that prepare you for college… They are questions people should know just to function as a human in society.

Question examples are: 1) Which countries did America fight in World War II? ; 2) Who was our first President?; 3) Who bombed Pearl Harbor?

This is Barack Obama’s base, and this is why Democrats win elections.


[VIDEO] THIS Is How Barack Obama Won, Not One, But TWO Elections!
Water’s World-This Is How Barack Obama Won 2 Elections!

Everyone needs to put on some clothes, step away from the beer pong, and read a book! UGH!

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