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[Video] Trump Protester Shoots Pepper Spray into Eyes and Mouths of Girls Ages 8 & 11



A feckless liberal showed up at city hall in Anaheim, California where a vote was taking place in order to vote on whether to pass an anti Trump resolution.  (No action was taken)  At some point he got his little girl panties in a wad and unleashed pepper spray in the general direction of Trump supporters before turning tail and running off, apparently to find a safe space after he shot two young girls ages 8 and 11 in the eyes and mouths.  The girls complained about their eyes and mouths burning as people nearby came to their aid.

A crowd of 50 protesters and supporters gathered and they got into a shouting match.  The Trump protesters had several cameras ready and were filming the events as they tried to goad Trump supporters into violence, but true to their liberal principles, it was the protesters who turned violent that resulted in the injury to the two small girls.

All told, 5 Trump supporters were shot with pepper spray by a young Hispanic looking man.  The two girls also appear to be Hispanic.  The video shows a very clear picture of the assailant and police say they are looking for him.

Inside city hall, 105 speakers went to the podium from both sides to make their case to the city council.  The idea that the city council in Anaheim have a legal right to condemn any presidential candidate is pure hubris, since they are elected to govern the city of Anaheim and not to further their ideological agenda as one woman told them.  He comments were met with a large round of applause.   In the end, the council took no action on the declaration.


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