• May 24, 2024

[Video] Two Dead, Over a Dozen Wounded in Florida Nightclub Shooting


Club Blu in Ft Meyers, Florida was hosting a party for kids ages 12 through 18 and just as the night was ending, about 30 shots rang out, leaving two dead and more than a dozen wounded.  At least two others are in critical condition at the hospital.


The ages of the victims range from 12 to 27.  The police have not identified the dead other than to say they were both male.  Relatives were in the parking lot calling out the names of loved ones in hopes of finding them safe and sound.  Club employees were said to be in a state of shock at the shooting.

Police say they have no motive, but they have picked up three people in connection with the shooting, while continuing to scour the area, looking for other possible accomplices.  The club had armed security at the event but they were unable to do anything in the packed club, especially as patrons were running out the doors in pandemonium.  Another person was slightly injured about 5 blocks from the club, believed to have been the same people who shot up the club.  No further details are available at this time.

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