[Video] Two Thug Panhandlers Vandalize Car of Man Who Refused Them Money



Two Texas business partners decided to start the day with some delicious apple fritters from their favorite donut shop.  After they parked they were approached by two thugs, asking them for money.  They refused to give them any and entered Shipley Do-Nuts in Houston.  From inside the shop, they could see the thugs lingering around the car.  One of the thugs laid down on the hood.  The businessman was recording their actions in case he needed proof later.  Soon, he saw them move towards the back of his car and one of the thugs pulled out a knife and slashed his tire.

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From there it got worse.  The businessman, Mike Markiewicz, and his partner walked back to the car and told the thugs that the cops were coming and that really set them off and they began to throw rocks at the two.  The one thug then pulled his knife and approached Markiewicz, who began running away.  The thugs then decided to make their getaway before the cops came and they jumped in their truck and took off.

Markiewicz had plenty of evidence to give to the police, but as of now, the two have not been arrested.  These thugs need to be taken off the streets before they really hurt someone.

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