• July 2, 2022

[VIDEO] Watch Eric Bolling Humiliate Geraldo Rivera


Like all liberals, Geraldo Rivera claims that Trump won because of white racism.  That’s when Eric Bolling decided to school him on the election.  Bolling read off the statistics that blows the lid off the liberal narrative.

On gender, Trump outperformed Romney with men by 5% and finished only 1% behind with women.  Trump beat Romney by 1% among whites but outdid him with blacks by 7% and Hispanics by a very sizable 8%.   Wasn’t it the Hispanics who were supposed to deliver the presidency to Hillary?  Trump outdid Romney with 18 to 29 year olds by 5%.

Blow your liberal friends minds with this. They said @realDonaldTrump was elected by white men.

From The Conservative Tribune:

This video is worth watching, if for nothing else than the look on Rivera’s face. It’s the look that most liberals get when confronted with the truth, for which they have no counter-argument. It’s a look that we’ve seen quite a bit during the past week, as literally millions of liberals across the country come to grips with the notion that voters chose to reject Hillary Clinton and her brand of politics.

You won’t hear the mainstream media reporting these numbers because they blow out of the water any narrative that Hispanics and blacks(and young voters) hate Trump.

It would appear to be the other way around — that minorities are sick and tired of the broken promises of the Obama administration and were ready to vote for a change.

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