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Is this a Video of a woman caught cheating?

A section of the Internet has become obsessed with solving the mysterious case of a couple who was captured on camera during Thursday’s Alabama vs. Ohio State playoff game. The woman’s reaction to seeing herself and her apparent boyfriend on camera had even NPR wondering what was going.


The unidentified woman is seen seemingly running her hand’s through the hair of the man sitting next to her. Her demeanor suddenly changes when she realized the cameras are watching:

Some have gone as far as to accuse the woman of cheating on her boyfriend, thus explaining her seemingly sheepish reaction. However, Gawker noted on Friday that it appears the guy was the woman’s only boyfriend.

A reader claiming to be related to the woman in the viral video wrote on Facebook:


However, the one question yet to be answered is why she responded that way when the cameras turned to the couple.

Gawker is still attempting to make contact with the woman in the video, so maybe more answers will soon emerge — for those who care.

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