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[Video] Woman Finds Daughter She Was Told Had Died 49 Years Ago



Forty nine years ago Zella Jackson-Price, gave birth to a premature baby girl.  A nurse told her that her baby had died just hours after her birth.  She was heartbroken and even though she went on to have five more children, she never forgot about the one she lost.  Then one day she was contacted by a young man and his twin sisters, telling her they believed that their mother was the daughter she thought had died.  Forty nine year old Melanie Diane Gilmore who was now living in Oregon took a DNA test as did Jackson-Price and it proved they were mother and daughter.

They have since met and Jackson-Price introduced Gilmore to her five siblings.  It was a very emotional reunion but a bittersweet one considering they had lost 49 years of being together.  They are currently shopping for a lawyer to do a preliminary investigation.  Gilmore was adopted.

From The Conservative Tribune:

The family said it would hire an attorney to look into what could have happened at the hospital when Gilmore was a baby.

“I’m still kinda in shock,” said Jackson-Price. “I don’t know what we’ll find out, what error, what was done, I don’t know what we’ll find out. As soon as we get over the excitement of being together, and everything, I will seek a lawyer.”

Until then, Jackson-Price said she’ll spend time spoiling her daughter and grandchildren, adding that it’s a “new chapter” in all of their lives.



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