• April 20, 2024

[VIDEO] WTH?! Young Boy Twerking At Gay Pride Festival While Onlookers Cheer

A young boy was filmed grinding and twerking at a Gay Pride event, while a group of attendees stood around him and watched.

In the controversial video (below), the boy was seen with his shirt off and wearing shorts while dancing in the middle of a circle of people. The onlookers encouraged the child as he grinded and twerked to the music playing throughout the festival.

Response to the video was mixed, with some viewers expressing that the boy should not have been encouraged to dance promiscuously at the event.

“If this were a 12 year old girl, everybody would be shitting all over the parents and the festivalgoers encouraging them. The fact that it’s a boy doesn’t make it somehow acceptable,” one viewer wrote on Reddit.

 Others pointed out that not all the onlookers seemed to be encouraging of the boy.

“I only see one person encouraging that and that’s the woman who might be the kid’s mother. The guy in the rainbow flag doesn’t look like he’s too happy about it. And the bystanders are just watching they look more confused or unaffected than encouraging to me,” Redditor Balisunrise said.


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