King Kong Rains Fire On Ho Chi Minh City Panic Ensues

One moment the huge crowds of onlookers and press were happily enjoying the festivities outside a movie theater. They were waiting for the premier of the latest episode of King Kong that was scheduled to begin. The next minute, pandemonium was breaking out as the giant ape sought revenge.


The crowd included such notables as Tom Hiddlestone, Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson who all stared in the production along with entertainment reporters from around the world. Suddenly, the crowds started to scream and fee the area as the giant sixteen foot tall model of the great ape broke out in flames. One witness said that once the great ape caught fire, the flames quickly spread to the stage which had been erected outside the theater for the event.

king kong1

At first, the event attendees thought the spreading fire was part of the entertainment at the local shopping center in Ho Chi Minh City, but it quickly became obvious that the blaze was not part of the program as it grew in intensity.

But by that time, many realized they were in serious danger and panic ensued as they scrambled to escape the growing blaze. A city government official told reporters that the incident reportedly started at about 7:05pm Thursday evening while dancers were performing around a fire on a stage.

News footage that was taken at the event by Sky News, clearly shows how quick the panic formed among the movie fans. Ho Chi Minh City firefighters responded to the alarm and were able to quickly douse the flame within 15 minutes.

king kong

The movie was shot almost entirely in Vietnam and the premiere was attended by both Vietnamese officials and US consular officials in addition to other government officials. After the blaze was extinguished, the guests were allowed into the cinema to see the screening of the new blockbuster. A spokesperson said they were not aware of any injuries as a result of the fire except for King Kong.

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