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Vintage Commercials That Would Not Be Allowed Today [PHOTOS]

The advertising industry has changed a lot over the years.  Not just because of political correctness but because of common decency as well.  It used to be you put a half dressed woman in an add with a clever saying and no one would remember the clever saying.  But you’d have a winner nonetheless.


It’s no secret that in the good old days, most of the advertising was aimed at men who worked all day while the wife stayed home and took care the cleaning, cooking, errands, grocery shopping and of course, the kids.

Most of the ads you are about to see are from the forties, the fifties and the early sixties.  Some of you younger folks may think that some of these ads are fake but us old fogies can assure you they are not.


She’ll follow you alright…with a baseball bat.

Using a woman in a bathing suit to sell cigarettes

The next photo for an ad cannot be posted on here but if you click the link, you will see it.

Either that is Mother Nature or you have a woman whose kinkiness is ahead of her time

Hmmm red legs and high cheekbones would make Liz Warren look like a real Indian

What can I say?

This ad implicates that if you don’t spray your lady parts with Lysol, your husband will leave you.

Those waistlines are downright anorexic

Uh oh.  She forgot to use her Lysol

At what age did she start chewing tobacco?

That action zone will do him no good if his wife neglects to spray with Lysol

Either she has a foot fetish or she plans to grovel at her husband’s feet

“If they would rather die,” said Scrooge, “they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.”—from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Washing dirty diapers makes you feel like a queen?

This was a life saving device because men no longer had to yell “Honey, change the channel” as she was trying to cook.

The lesson here is if you wear a gawd awful ugly shirt women will become your slaves

Their ads used to say “I’d walk a mile for a camel”  Now it’s the Muslim terrorists who chase the camels

Well, uh…never mind

I strongly suggest if you buy your wife a vacuum for Christmas do not include a rolling pin in the stocking stuffers

This is just disturbing

A baby with a razor blade…what could go wrong with that?

For the man who wants to get a little behind in his work

For those evenings when mom had liver for dinner

Oh, so this is why you should buy your wife a vacuum for Christmas

Wouldn’t it just be easier to use epoxy?



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