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Violent Antifa Protesters Beat and Mace Older Man Unconscious [VIDEO]

Antifa is up to their old tricks again and of violently attacking people they feel are being fascists.


In Portland, Oregon yesterday these disgusting low-lives brutally mace and beat an elderly man unconscious as Antifa protesters surround him.

Thankfully, journalist  Andy Ngo was able to capture it all on camera.


Antifa was busy attacking protesters in Portland, Oregon when some of them decided that attacking the buses was a wise idea.It happened on Saturday when some Antifa members chased and hit some of the protesters with hammers.As the members of the pro=-President Donald Trump protesters got on the bus and the bus started to drive the chased and hit the bus.One man hit the back of the bus with a fire extinguisher that bounced and hit him in the head and another fell as he hit the bus.


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