• October 26, 2021

Violent Crime Soars in Sanctuary City San Francisco


Violent crime is soaring in the city of San Francisco.  Since they officially made San Francisco a sanctuary city in 2011, murders are up 55% and rapes have climbed an incredible 370%.  Those numbers are staggering.  Even after the high profile Katie Steinle shooting, the city council voted to keep their sanctuary city status intact.  Judicial Watch gathered crime information from the police department in that city and here is what they found:

Murder Assault Battery Rape
2011 87 99 1600 10
2012 101 76 1501 45
2013 128 95 1592 45
2014 135 93 1516 47
2015 78 54 908 23
Total 529 417 7117 170


These numbers reflect arrest and bookings and not merely arrests.  Overall, crime has dropped 42%, even as violent crimes have soared.  That makes me wonder if the city police aren’t arresting many of the criminals because they are illegal and they don’t want ICE finding out about them.  It hardly seems possible that overall crime should drop so much while violent crime is going through the roof.

In 2013, the sheriff’s department and the city council expanded their sanctuary city policies by ordering city law enforcement to ignore detainers for illegal aliens requested by ICE.  It was this policy that directly led to the death of Ms Steinle.  San Francisco ignored the detainer request for  Francisco Sanchez, an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times for various felonies.  Just weeks after his release, he shot Steinle in the back, killing her as she walked with her father and a friend.

Judicial Watch conducted an investigation into the sanctuary city policy of San Francisco and found that dangerous drug felons were routinely released.  As a result, San Francisco was forced to report certain drug crimes considered to be the most heinous.

The federal government, currently under the control of the Obama caliphate is no better.  Obama has released 165,900 felons back onto the street, including known gang members of the MS-13 gang, an especially violent gang. Those released had committed violent felonies that include  homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.

I can still remember when we put people in prison or deported them for committing crimes.