Virginia legislature Pushes Bill to Make Sanctuary Cities Liable for All Illegal Aliens


The legislature in Virginia is working on a bill that not only yanks money from sanctuary cities but could also make them financially responsible for any and all crimes committed by illegal aliens, whether they were released from jail despite a federal retainer or not.  The issue, which boiled under the surface for years, came to a head, when an illegal immigrant in San Francisco, randomly killed Katie Steinle in San Francisco.  San Fran refused to honor a federal detainer on the illegal and a couple of months later, he killed Steinle.

Democrats, who prefer illegal aliens over US citizens, in Virginia are on the warpath over the bill.  They have multiple complaints about the bill.  First, they claim that no city or jurisdiction in Virginia are “sanctuaries.”  If that were indeed true, the bill would not affect any city and therefore would not be enforced.  The second reason they give is that it would harm relations between illegal aliens and the police.  No shit, Sherlock!!!  I want an adversarial relationship between criminals and the police.  Locking up criminal illegals will make the remaining illegals safer.

The bill would make it possible for any person living or working in a sanctuary jurisdiction to sue that jurisdiction if they should be harmed physically or financially by an illegal immigrant.  When you roll out the welcome mat to lawbreakers, you should be ready to pay for the consequences of your actions.

Some question that as an overreach, saying that only illegals who have been released because of a sanctuary policy should be eligible for compensation.  That’s nonsense.  Criminals gravitate to sanctuary cities for the simple fact that they have less chance of prison or deportation.  Under the law, the city would be guilty of depraved indifference.

In the Virginia bill, the city would not actually pay the money out of their treasury but victims would receive money from the  state’s criminal injuries fund.  That bill passed the Virginia House by a 68 to 29, with three democrats voting with the 65 republicans.  That would give them plenty of support to override a threatened veto from Terry McAuliffe, the alleged governor of the state.  The Senate would not be able to override that veto.  Democrats all across America are fighting any initiative to hold illegal aliens responsible for their crimes.

Have you ever noticed that any policy which is immoral or illegal or both are always supported by democrats?


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