Wait Til You See Who Will Be Playing the Part of Michael Jackson

CZr8bGpWEAEz8aeI call this very bad timing.  Right now, the Oscars are fighting over perceived racism.

So it’s probably not the best time to announce the actor who will be playing the part of Michael Jackson is white.  (No, it’s not Shaun King)  Joseph Fiennes will be playing the part of the black singer.

No wonder blacks can’t win an Oscar every year.  Even more ironic is that the Hollywood movie makers are far left loonies who claim conservatives are racists.  The voters for the Oscars are also left wing nut cases.

FiennesThe internet is going crazy over the announcement.  There are two trains of thought here.  The after surgery Michael Jackson, certainly looked white.  But secondly, Michael Jackson was black most of his life.

They haven’t shot a single scene yet, but it’s probably the most boycotted movie in America.  This is a serious slap in the face to every black actor in America.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Fiennes wins an Oscar for this movie?


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