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Washington D.C. Liberals Suffer From High Unemployment

Former staffers of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are in a panic.  They are discovering that there are no jobs for them anymore.  With Obama leaving office and Hillary’s failure to launch and the dwindling number of elected democrats across the country, their job prospects are thin to nonexistent.  Some are very much afraid that they will be forced to take real jobs.



gee, they don’t look like a happy bunch, do they?  Many of them have been looking for their next job and many of them are getting very worried about their chances at securing work in an ever shrinking liberal world.

From The Daily Caller:

“Clients are all pivoting, and they’re all frankly trying to figure it out just like we all are right now,” Julian Ha, a partner at the executive search firm Heidrick and Struggles, told Politico.

The report describes an anxious environment, where Clinton campaign staff struggle to talk about their work to potential employers. Some Clinton campaign staff are so rattled, that they have lost their bearings, according to Politico.

A Google executive organized an online resume bank for outgoing White House staff and campaign staffers from the Clinton, Obama and other Democratic campaigns in order to help them find work, according to the Wall Street Journal. Laslo Bock, Google’s outgoing Chief of Human Resources is leading an effort to help Hillary For America staff and others find work after the devastating losses.

Words cannot describe how deliriously happy this makes me.


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