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Watch and Hear the Most Progressive 11 Year Old in America [VIDEOS]

Here is a kid with a plan.  He is a little chubbo who looks like he sits on a couch all day consuming everything his momma buys at the store but that’s okay because he is her son.  It’s like he is enrolled in the pre EBT culture.  Some say he makes as much sense as most grown up progressives, but that bar is so low it can pass under a pregnant cockroach without stooping.


He pans God , capitalism and democracy.  He says that he would switch from capitalism to communism in a heartbeat.  He then says, well socialism not communism.  Someone should ask him what example of socialism has a thriving middle class.  He has been making Youtube videos since he was nine and hasn’t really grasped the significance of what he proposes.

Dylan is praised by many progressives with whom he shares a brain with.  Unfortunately the ones doing the talking are doing it on days when they don’t have custody of the brain.


Here are his videos for your amusement.

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