• September 24, 2022

[WATCH] AR-15 Wielding Guard Stops ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ Robbery Of Tax Office

A Detroit area tax preparation office was the target for an armed robbery earlier this year, but the couple had only brought handguns. The security guard who they found inside the office was armed with an AR-15.

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I do so love a good shoot-out. There’s just something satisfying about watching a punk with a pistol shit his pants when one of the innocent bystanders he thinks he’s about to mug pulls out an AR-15 and begins dumping rounds. You can see it in the video below.

The perp is posturing and waving his pistol around as if the presence of the gun itself gives him superpowers.But then the big gun comes out, and the dude loses all of his composure.

The woman with him seems momentarily confused. And why not? Victims aren’t supposed to be armed. That’s not part of the criminal contract. The badass bad guys are supposed to be able to walk right in and make a few demands. Get paid!

You have to wonder, though, why these two Rhode Scholars picked this particular establishment. This truck was sitting out front. Hello?


And now, because I think it is important, let’s talk about the control that the security guard demonstrated during this attempted robbery. Not only was he fast on the draw, he managed to return fire without hitting any of the other bystanders.

And he also got shot in the leg. I’m going to assume that’s why he wasn’t able to poke holes in either of the bad guys. Getting shot, or so the media would have me believe, is not only deadly–it’s distracting.


So he returned fire, took a bullet, spared the lives of the innocent, and then followed the threat to the door. Ideally, he would have done society a solid and popped each of these felonious idiots in the backsides as they fled, but he thought better of it. Once the threat was past, he pulled off the trigger.

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