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WATCH: Black Radio Host Torches Warren Over Fake Native America Claims

Ahh, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren was FINALLY put in her place by a popular black radio host about her fake minority claims.


For years, the senator claimed that she was of Native American decent, appeared on “The Breakfast Club,” with Charlamagne tha God on Friday.

Instead of receiving a free pass from the host, Warren was grilled and mocked on the airwaves.

Here is more:

“When did you find out that you weren’t [Native American]?” “Were there any benefits to that?” “You sound like the original Rachel Dolezal a little bit,” he said.

“I learned about my family the same way most people learned about their family … and [being Native American] it’s what I believed. But I’m not a person of color, I’m not a citizen of a tribe, and I shouldn’t have done it,” Warren said.

“What I can do is try to be a good partner.” She said. “What I want to see us do in education is get rid of the student loan debt and make an investment in the historically black colleges and universities. I want to see us in housing, hit redlining head on.”

Another host gave Sen. Warren some help by mentioning the show’s favorite topic for Democrats to pander to the audience with, reparations.

“I see you talk about reparations as well,” the host said. “So wait, your family told you you were Native American? Charlamagne tells me I’m Dominican, but I don’t believe him.”

“How long did you hold on to that? Because there was some report that said you were Native American on your Texas bar license, and then said you were Native American on some documents when you were a professor at Harvard, so why you’d do that?” Charlamagne said.

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