• April 20, 2024

[WATCH] Deputy Tasers Man At Mall Who Was Up To No Good At All

Cheryl Curtis was rolling on her cell phone outside of Willowbrook Mall and captured a confrontation between a Precinct 4 deputy and 30-year-old Renard Collier.

“The guy didn’t comply with what he was saying, so I decided to pull my phone out and videotape cause I thought something is going to take place,” said Curtis.

Curtis was right and things escalated quickly. Mall security called a Precinct 4 deputy over for backup to help detain a suspicious looking man eyeing cars in the parking lot.

“The folks at the mall felt unsafe,” said Constable Mark Herman. “They felt like he was up to something.”

Herman said the suspect punched his deputy. That’s when the video begins and the deputy tries to make an arrest. The two men can be seen on video in a scuffle before the deputy takes a swing too.

“After they tussled, he tased him but he still kept coming,” said Curtis. “Then he took off.”

The deputy put his taser away and gives chase, but it’s Collier that takes the deputy to the ground. In the video, two more guards are seen helping the deputy keep the suspect on the ground.

“This guy had no qualms about hitting my officer upside the head,” said Herman.

But it still wasn’t over and Collier continued to resist. The deputy deploys his taser again and commands him to stop, but deputies said the suspect appeared to be on drugs.

Collier wasn’t phased by the taser and refused to comply, the deputy fired the taser twice more. The suspect even tries to take the taser away until finally resisting.

“It took three guys to control him and bring him under arrest,” said Herman.

Curtis said from her vantage point the officer did nothing wrong.

“Race was not involved at all,” said Curtis. “He did everything in his power to do the right things and save this man’s life and I commend him.”

Her video has now been seen more than a million times in 24 hours. She said she’s grateful she had enough battery life on her phone and was able to catch it all on camera.

“I’m happy I had some juice,” said Curtis. “It was beeping the whole time, but I’m glad I was able to record it.”

The Constable’s Office said it will review the use of force in this case, which is standard procedure. The deputy suffered head injuries and bumps and bruises. We’re told he is not on leave and will return to work. Collier is due back in court on August 24th.

Found at KHOU 

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