• October 6, 2022

[WATCH] George Orwell Had It “Correct”, Implanted RFID Chips May Be Closer Than You Think

I don’t know how the imagination of Orwell could have so accurately predicted the future, but it is uncanny.

You can’t go the grocer without big brother tracking your movements. When you drive down the highway your car is tracked by cameras and your phone is tracked by GPS.

Now it seems, the only thing left to track is personal movement by micro-chips, and it may very well be on the way…

While the above video was released on YouTube in 2010, think about what has happened since then.

Obamacare has exploded. Technology has advanced and transportation monitoring has wormed it’s way into every nook and cranny of the nation (red light cams, highway cams, GPS), and we’re always told it’s for our ‘safety’.

All have been controversial in as recent as the last few years. And perhaps micro-chipping your pet has all been just one big experiment to see how well it will be accepted in humans? Maybe?

Daily Media reports: 

NBC has recently predicted that in 2017, all of America will be tagged with microchips. They will be implanted to help identify individuals immediately. According to the report, the technology is used to answer one question, “Am I who I say I am?”

Some worry, however, that the RFID Microchip will give the government too much power, allowing them to track every move. In some states, like Virginia, legislation is in process to stop this from happening. The report also reveals an RFID Brain Chip that has been developed and is currently being tested on several humans.

It was reported that the use of Micro-Chips in Bill H.R. 4872 was located on Page 1014 under “National Medical Device Registry” it tells about a “Class II Device That is Implantable” and yes, they passed the bill. Read Page “1014″ In The H.R. 4872 Read Class II Special Controls Guidance For FDA Staff.

With the RFID Microchip they can track the movement of the people that are implanted. They can also control the money and food of the people. It is also reported to be possible to even kill the people that don’t obey. The HR 3962 Bill is an exact copy of the HR 3200 bill in with the exception of just a few words removed concerning the RFID Microchip but the ability to Chip Every Citizen of the United States is still in the bill. Open Bill and Read Pages 1501 through 1510 Read Class II Special Controls Guidance For FDA Staff Read And Do The Research For Yourself …

Here’s how they’ll sell it to the sheeple. They’ll tell you it’s all for the benefit to your “health.”

MIT News reports: 

An implantable, microchip-based device may soon replace the injections and pills now needed to treat chronic diseases: Earlier this month, MIT spinout Microchips Biotech partnered with a pharmaceutical giant to commercialize its wirelessly controlled, implantable, microchip-based devices that store and release drugs inside the body over many years.

Invented by Microchips Biotech co-founders Michael Cima, the David H. Koch Professor of Engineering, and Robert Langer, the David H. Koch Institute Professor, the microchips consist of hundreds of pinhead-sized reservoirs, each capped with a metal membrane, that store tiny doses of therapeutics or chemicals.

An electric current delivered by the device removes the membrane, releasing a single dose. The device can be programmed wirelessly to release individual doses for up to 16 years to treat, for example, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and osteoporosis.

But instead of “just” monitoring or implement health benefits, they’ll be watching your every movement. Did Orwell envision that?

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