• October 28, 2021

HOT CONSERVATIVE Actress Risks Career to Confront Hollywood Liberals

According to Stacy Dash, there are more conservatives in Hollywood, and elsewhere, that are afraid to come out into the open and speak out against the liberal establishment. … But they do vote. However, it’s time to come out and be open about your conservative values. Here’s how she plans to push back!

Conservative actress Stacey Dash says she has “had enough” of conservatives in Hollywood being too afraid to stand up for their beliefs. But the actress is doing more than complaining about it — she’s starting a political movement.

Fox News screengrab

Fox News screengrab

Dash seemingly hit her breaking point after the founder and owner of the NPR Hollywood public relations firm, Roger Neal, said people in the industry are surely “afraid” to support Trump “because their boss is very likely a Hillary Clinton supporter.”

“I say so what? Get a backbone,” Dash reacted. “Stand up for yourself. If you are a conservative, stand up. I’ve had enough.”

She then unveiled “Dash America,” which she described as “an exhilarating political movement that focuses on unity, faith, family values, and feminism,” and called for a “return to Reagan’s Hollywood.”


See this interview and hear how Stacy plans to push back against liberal Hollywood


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