• October 6, 2022

[WATCH] Kurt Russell Champions 2A And Getting Obama OUT Of Office

It doesn’t happen very often that someone comes out of Hollywood who champions conservative causes. Few would argue that 2A is a cause that can be put on the back burner. While we’ve heard this sentiment from Russell before, you really need to hear how he makes short work of the idiot who tries to bait him. It’s obvious the interviewer doesn’t agree with 2A supporters.

There are likely several people across the country who want President Obama out of office. Kurt Russell is one of those people. He has spoken out recently against the views that President Obama has on gun control. There are a few feelings that controlling the number of guns and how they are purchased would do anything to stop terrorist acts.

There have been statements made about what Russell wants to do in regards to trying to get others to see that gun control won’t do a whole lot of good. If people want to get a gun, then they will do anything they can to get one regardless of what the government says. He’s not a person who is concerned with what President Obama might do, but he has talked about the President being afraid of what he might do if it was his decision about guns.

It seems as though Russell does have the support of other people who also agree that simply controlling aspects about guns won’t do anything to prevent terrorism. If it’s going to happen, then nothing will really help with prevention. It could take getting President Obama out of office in order for anything to be done in the country in regards to terrorism and the other violence taking place.

Source: YourNationNews

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