• October 4, 2023

[WATCH] Mob Of Black Teens Went On Attack In Another City

In early September of last year, Western Journalism reported on the vicious, unprovoked attack on three people by a mob of black teenagers in Memphis, Tenn., who swarmed across a parking lot toward a Kroger grocery store.

Officials at the time said that two store employees beaten by the mob were knocked unconscious. One man was repeatedly kicked and stomped while lying helpless on the sidewalk. On cell phone video of the incident, there seemed to be a giddy, almost celebratory mood among the witnesses whose voices could be heard.

Now, again in Memphis, surveillance cameras at a gas station have caught on tape another, similar incident involving dozens of black teens identified as students from Northwest Prep Academy. The video shows them rushing and beating a man who was trying to help an elderly woman to her car.


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