WATCH – Schoolyard Bully Picks On The Wrong Kid [VIDEO]

I always love these. It happened to me as a kid, so I always like to see a bully get slammed by his prey.


When a young schoolyard bully started picking on a slightly smaller peer at school, he quickly learned why bullying can be very hazardous to one’s health.

In a video uploaded to the Facebook page of “We Love BJJ,” an unofficial news publisher that shares stories related to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the bully could be seen pushing his victim a few times, until at last his victim decided to fight back.

From the very get-go, it was obvious the bully had chosen to go up against someone who was extremely well trained and knew exactly how to defend himself.

Watch the fight below, and get ready to see some amazing moves straight out of a Jackie Chan movie (WARNING: some language):


In an exclusive interview with the Conservative Tribune, BJJ enthusiast Brandon Perrine noted how the victim continually kept out-performing his tormentor.

“What really impressed me was when he pawed at the bully and threw a straight right that landed nicely,” Perrine remarked. “The bully obviously didn’t like it. So when the kid feigned like he was gonna do it again, the bully impressively threw his head off mid-line, which is what you should do.”

“But the kid expected it and threw that head kick,” he continued. “That was some mid- to high-level stuff for a youngster. Talk about choosing the wrong dude to pick on.”

And then when the bully briefly got on top while the two were struggling on the ground, the victim turned champion suddenly pulled another martial arts move on him with his legs, thus immobilizing the punk and effectively ending the fight.

“After the head kick, the kid closed the distance and took the bully down with a body lock. After softening the bully up with some mounted strikes, the kid transitioned into an arm bar,” noted Perrine.

Wow. With skills like that, the young kid could conceivably even ward off adult bullies. In fact, he could likely beat the stuffing out of your humble correspondent, not that he would — because anyone trained in martial arts knows that with the power to kick butt comes great discipline and respect.

As a side note, once he saw he was going to lose, the the bully called for help from a young girl. How chivalrous and manly.


The bully walked away. Sweet!


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