• October 27, 2021

Teacher Gets Slut Shamed And Fired After Student Steals Her Phone, Leaks Sexts

A South Carolina teacher is asked to resign after a student steals her phone, and exposes a semi nude picture from her camera roll, that was for her husband. What about the student? Nothing as of yet.


The Blaze reports:

“Interim Superintendent David Eubanks said Arthur was wrong to leave her phone unlocked, which made it available to her students at Union County High School, WYFF-TV reported. Eubanks said there’s a concern that Arthur could be contributing to the delinquency of a minor, WSPA-TV added.

Arthur told WSPA the district wanted her to resign, so that’s what she did on Tuesday, WYFF said.

And as for the student in question, Arthur told WSPA that to her knowledge he hasn’t been expelled, which she said should be the punishment under district policy.

“The whole premise of my privacy being invaded [is] being ignored and that’s what’s wrong,” she added to the station.

The Union County Sheriff’s Office is investigating, WYFF reported. Eubanks told the station that the sheriff’s office will determine if the student gets charged.”

Whatever comes from that, Arthur told WSPA she plans on pressing charges against the student next week.

Watch the video below, and read the whole story here

What do you think should happen to the student?



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