• June 17, 2024

Watch This Crazy Terrorist FAIL! He Argued With His ‘Brother’ While Wearing An IED

So did he forget that he was wearing an explosive suicide vest? I suppose we will never know!


SARGODHA, PAKISTAN — At least one would-be suicide bomber met his end earlier than planned when he accidentally set off his IED during an argument with another man on Saturday.

Both men died in the blast.

The two suspects were chatting on a street near the city’s Khayyam Chowk area, witnesses reported. Their conversation turned into a scuffle. At least one of them was wearing a vest armed with an IED, the Express Tribune cited police as saying, and the explosive went off.

No one else in the crowded area was injured. Bomb units cleared the area, and the two bodies were taken to Sargodha’s District Headquarters Hospital.

Twitter users posted several graphic images of the aftermath online. The photos show two men — one slumped in his chair and another in a heap on the ground.

Local news station 92 released CCTV footage of crowds running to investigate the smoke that followed the explosion.

Police identified the men as Ghulam Rasul and Muhammad Sultan, raided their homes and arrested several suspects.

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