• December 11, 2023

Watch Tucker Carlson Take Down the Entire Washington Post [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson outdid himself on Tuesday night.  He had Erik Wemple on his show and as always was being a self important ass, when Tucker laid this one on him:

Tucker Carlson: In the past couple of months I’ve seen a lot of stories including some from you accusing people of basically carrying water for the Russian government and the Russian government is in the news today so I thought I’d ask you something I’ve wondered for a long time which is the Washington Post for years, for many years, has literally carried paid propaganda from the Russian government, a section called ‘Russia behind the headlines.’ It looks like news but it’s designed to fool readers into thinking it’s real. And it’s pure propaganda paid for, distributed by the Russian government… Why have you never written about that? How can you attack others when your own paper takes money from the Russian government.


Even though the interview lasted another 10 minutes, it really ended with that question, which for some strange reason Wemple was unable to answer.  Tucker does his homework.

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