• September 22, 2023

You’ll Never Guess What Celebrity is Being Mentioned For a Senate Seat [VIDEO]

Celebrities are always being mentioned for one political office or another but few ever make it.  There’s Ronald Reagan of course and Clint Eastwood was once mayor of Carmel, California.  Al Franken doesn’t count because he was a failed comedy writer and not really a celebrity.

But now, a celebrity is being touted as the possible replacement for Debbie Stabenow  in Michigan.  In previous years, that would seem like a pipe dream but after Donald Trump’s victory there, the possibilities seem endless.

So, who is the celebrity?  Kid Rock.  He is definitely conservative enough for most republican voters and has many fans even on the left.  He has made an appearance at the Republican Convention after Joe Walsh of the Eagles dropped out after he found out the convention was for conservatives.  Someone most have caught him during that 5 minutes every day when he is somewhat lucid.

From The Smokeroom:

The rocker backed Mitt Romney in 2012 and put his support behind Donald Trump once he became the Republican presidential nominee in 2016. 

In July, the singer stepped in to kick-off the Republican National Convention in Cleveland after Joe Walsh from The Eagles backed out of performing at the show because he found out it was for “conservatives.”

After the election, Kid Rock launched a line of pro-Trump merchandise on his site that peeved some on the left. The items included T-shirts with logos on them that read, “Make America Badass Again,” “God, Guns and Trump,” and many others.



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