• June 19, 2024

[WATCH] Wiccans For Bernie! You’re Not Gonna Believe This One!

If good old fashioned campaigning doesn’t work, call in the Wiccans, to help the process along, by casting spells and chanting. Yeah, that’ll work.

“This is feelin’ the Bern, so we are generating positive energy towards Bernie Sanders and positive progressive outcomes in our lives” says Leigha LeFleur, organizer of the “ritual for Bernie”. “We will doing an energy raising, where we will build energy and put it into (the ballot box). We will put our energy into the ballots, and then we will release the energy into the universe, that our intentions can be manifested” she says, as they gathered in Woodstock Park in southeast Portland. One of the participants appears to be a dude wearing a dress and a wig.

After they are “smudged” with burning sage and a feather, they recognize the 4 directions. “Welcome west. Welcome water. Welcome the flow of oceans and the flow of emotions. Welcome the flow towards a more progressive left. Welcome west”… “Welcome North. Welcome earth and groundedness. Welcome roots that grow deep. Welcome all of the animals that live in all of the ecosystems on earth. Welcome grassroots of the political revolution that grow deep. Welcome north.” They then thank center, where they have candles, flowers, and a ballot box on a rug.


They stand around and talk about the things they want to see changed and accomplished, some of which include removing corporate money from politics, bringing back “the fairness in media act”, and outright saying they are “for redistribution of wealth”. They go on to do a spiral dance while chanting “be the Bern”, before doing another chant that goes “We are a circle, within a circle, that’s never ending, and no beginning”.

CLICK HERE  to see an actual Bernie Sanders event, listed on the campaign webpage.

[WATCH] Wiccans For Bernie! You're Not Gonna Believe This One!


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