• June 13, 2024

[WATCH]Man Gets Held Up at Gunpoint, Captures Whole Thing on GoPro Camera

When traveling YouTube filmmaker Mike Graziano went for a bicycle ride in broad daylight through a “rough” part of Buenos Aires, he found himself being held up by a man on a motorbike. Luckily for Graziano, his GoPro camera captured the entire ordeal.

As Graziano rides down an unidentified street, the motorbike thief pulls up and attempts to block the bike lane. The filmmaker swerves to avoid him, and laughs thinking nothing of the situation. But several seconds later, the motorbike driver pulls up next to him, stops, and pulls out a gun.

The driver begins shouting in Spanish, something to the effect of “Give me your backpack.” Graziano pleaded with the man, claiming not to understand. He eventually got off his bike and made a run for it.

Watch the entire attempted robbery below, via Graziano’s YouTube page:



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